The EcoFAB team


The EcoFAB project is central to the new Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and is part of a larger lab-wide in partnership with the Scientists from the Joint Genome Institute and Earth and Environmental Sciences Area. Together, this cross-functional team of biologists, geologists, and ecologists from Berkeley Lab will provide critical new insights into ecosystem processes.

The EcoFAB component creates a new center for world-class ecological research; we are recruiting collaborators with expertise in a variety of  disciplines, especially those with deep expertise in particular environments.


EcoFAB launch team:

Adam Deutschbauer Kirsten Hofmockel
Adam Rivers Margaret McFall-Ngai
Alvin Tamsir Mary Firestone
Barbara Campbell Matt Smith
Benjamin Bowen Matt Traxler
Ben Brown Matthew Francis
Charles Pepe-Ranney Michalis Hadjithomas
Daniel van der Lelie Michi Taga
Eoin Brodie Natalia Ivanova
Hector Garcia Martin Nikos Kyrpides
Javier Ceja Navarro Peter Nico
Jennifer Pett-Ridge Romy Chakraborty
Jenny Mortimer Steve Singer
Jian Gao Susan Celniker
John Vogel Sur Herrera-Paredes
Jorge Rodrigues Susannah Tringe
Kabir Peay Tanja Woyke
Karsten Zengler Trent Northen
Katherine McMahon Yasuo Yoshikuni
Katy Christiansen Jose Dinneny
Jeff Dangl

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