Model Ecosystems to Advance Microbiome Science

Opportunity Announcement

2017 EcoFAB Report

Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology Division has an opening for a Controlled Ecosystem Fabrications Postdoctoral Scholar. You can learn more about this position and apply here.

Fabricated Ecosystems (EcoFABs)

The importance of microbiomes has now been demonstrated in numerous environments: in soils for sustainable agriculture, in the human gut for maintaining health, and in aquatic systems for nutrient cycling. One major challenge in understanding these microbial communities is a lack of controlled, reproducible, and standardized study systems. Many existing approaches focus on simple lab consortia or complex natural microbiomes. Recently, we have design a fabricated ecosystem (EcoFAB) device for standardized and reproducible analysis of both synthetic consortia and natural microbiomes in simulated and natural environments under controlled conditions.

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