The EcoBOT consists of a liquid handling robot with a built in, custom growth chamber, imaging stations and a robotic arm that integrates these components. Learn more about the features of the EcoBOT below:

The growth chamber: The EcoBOT growth chamber will have up to three shelves, each with a capacity > 50 EcoFABs with customizable light sources capable of varying day/night cycles, intensity, and wavelengths, and below shelf heating/cooling.

The hyperspectral imaging camera: An imaging system built around a visible range hyperspectral camera (Specim) will collect images in 205 bands from vertical and horizontal positions, enabling image analysis of plants grown in the EcoBOT

The microscope: The EcoBOT is capable of detailed imaging of the EcoFAB root zones with an EVOS inverted, epifluorescent microscope that can be used to scan roots for morphological changes as well as microbial localization. 

The robotic arm: The arm can move an EcoFAB from the growth chamber to any of the listed components, such as the imaging systems or the deck of the robot. 

The liquid handling unit: The liquid handling unit can sample and refill EcoFABs aseptically.

Videography: Marilyn Sargent